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How to Use AI for Video Editing: Transforming Your Footage

The video production landscape is a shifting beast. The emergence of AI technologies has dramatically reshaped the field, opening up a world of possibilities for video editing. In this post, we're going to take a look at how you can leverage AI, particularly through the Adobe suite, to expand the borders of your video clips.

girl in a red jacket before and after video editing

Step 1: Recording Your Clip FOR Ai video editinG

Begin by recording a clip on a sturdy tripod. This ensures your footage is stable and sharp. The solid base that a tripod provides makes it great for AI tweaks in the post-production stage. For better results, ensure that there is no shaking and camera movement. Additionally, avoid framing with movement at the borders of the clip. At Beereel Video Production in Brisbane, we never skimp on equipment, ensuring every video we capture is silky smooth, professional and high-quality.


Step 2: Creating Your Base Frame

Next, pull your clip into Adobe Premiere or After Effects, and plop it on the timeline. Following that, export the first frame of your clip as an image. This will act as the foundation for your AI adventures.

adobe premiere export photo as frame


Step 3: Expanding Your Image Borders in Photoshop

Launch your exported image in Adobe Photoshop (beta).

interface image to open image in adobe photoshop beta

Whip out the crop tool and expand your image's borders. This new space is where AI begins to weave its magic.

adobe photoshop beta crop tool video editing

adobe photoshop crop tool pro tip


Step 4: Filling the Void

Now, grab the selection tool, and highlight the empty space you've just created with crop tool.

PRO TIP - You can also do this:

1. RIGHT CLICK the layer image

2. Choose SELECT PIXELS in the dropdown

3. CTRL+SHIFT+i to invert the selection.

dropdown menu adobe photoshop select layer pixels

adobe photoshop selection tool highlight

Then, scoot over to the 'generative fill' function. Generative fill can be found in the top menu EDIT->Generative fill...

adobe photoshop select generative fill

Here, you can either type in instructions for the AI or leave it empty to let it decide how to extend the image. Photoshop's AI will cleverly fill up the expanded areas of your image, blending it perfectly with your original frame.

adobe photoshop interface generative fill prompt box



You can add whatever you imagine in your frames. Select the area you wish to edit with marquee tool (selection tool). For example, we are going to add an abandoned building into the image by typing it into the prompt box.

red jacket girl abandoned house adobe photoshop selection tool ai generative fill


Step 5: Shifting Back to Your Video Editing Software

Once Photoshop has done its AI trick, import the image back into your Adobe Premiere or After Effects timeline.


Step 6: Lining Up and Masking

Now, line up the modified image with the first frame of your video. Then, mask out the original composition from the modified image. Adjust the masks' feather for smoother look.

Voila! Your expanded video frame is good to go!

girl wearing red jacket abandoned house adobe premiere masking

It's evident that AI presents massive potential for video editing, and Brisbane is quickly becoming a hotspot for this cutting-edge technology. At Beereel Productions, we're ahead of the curve, delivering affordable video production services that harness state-of-the-art technologies like AI to create captivating videos. Plus, we are happy to share our "secrets" to help content creators who are eager to learn themselves!

See how our Brisbane video production services can turn your vision into reality, and harness the power of AI in your projects. Click here to delve deeper into our services or click here to chat with our dynamic team.

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