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2024 Update for High-quality Instagam Reels and Tiktok - Video Production Brisbane

Updated: Feb 3

How to Upload Videos to Tiktok / Instagram Without Losing Quality?

Social media platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts often compress videos to ensure faster loading times. To avoid or reduce compression, optimise your export and upload settings with this guideline by Brisbane digital marketing and video production professionals.

1. Enable High-Quality Upload Settings

Instagram mobile app settings
Upload at highest quality - Instagram settings

You would be surprised to know how many people haven't done this - I'm sure you have it enabled...right?

Enable 'High-Quality Uploads' in your preferred social media platform (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube etc.), usually found in Settings -> Data Usage. If you have

Data Saving enabled then we suggest turning it off to ensure highest quality upload.

2. Upload from your phone with fast WIFI

To reduce the risk of upload interruptions, it's important to have a stable internet connection. We recommend using your phone when uploading your content.


By providing professional digital marketing service and video production in Brisbane, we have found the formula for exporting high-quality videos for Tiktok, Instagram Reel, and Youtube shorts using Adobe Premiere.

Adjust the settings in the same order as below.

1. Export Format:

  • Go to the 'Export Settings' and select the Format as HEVC (H.265), which is known for its high efficiency and quality.

adobe premiere export format settings

2. Encoding Settings:

  • Under Performance, select 'Software Encoding'

  • Set the Profile to 'Main' and the Level to 4.1.

  • Choose 'High' under Tier, which allows for better compression efficiency.

adobe premiere encoding settings

3. Video Settings:

  • Set the Frame Size to 1080 width by 1920 height.

  • Choose a Frame Rate of 30 fps - the standard for most social media platforms.

  • Ensure 'Render at Maximum Depth' and 'Use Maximum Render Quality' are checked.

adobe premiere export basic video settings

4. Bitrate Settings:

  • Use a 'VBR, 1 pass' for the Bitrate Encoding with a Target Bitrate of 12 Mbps and a Maximum Bitrate of 15 Mbps. This will provide high quality without unnecessarily large file sizes.

  • Select 'Highest' for the Quality option, though this will increase encoding time, it ensures the best video quality.

adobe premiere export bitrate settings

These settings have maintaned highest quality uploads for our Tiktok, Instagram reels, and Youtube Shorts. It’s always important to check the specific requirements of the platform you're uploading to.

Video Production In Brisbane

Beereel Productions services include video production in Brisbane to help your business with digital marketing. Check out how to upscale your 1080p footage to 4K.


How can I upload high-quality videos to social media without losing quality? To maintain high quality when uploading videos to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, ensure you enable 'High-Quality Uploads' in the platform's settings and use a stable Wi-Fi connection for uploading. Also, optimize your video export settings, particularly if you're using Adobe Premiere, by choosing the right format, encoding, and bitrate settings.

What are the best export settings in Adobe Premiere for social media videos? In Adobe Premiere, select HEVC (H.265) as your export format for its efficiency and quality. Use 'Software Encoding' under Performance, set your Frame Size to 1080x1920, and choose a Frame Rate of 30 fps. Also, ensure 'Render at Maximum Depth' and 'Use Maximum Render Quality' are checked. For bitrate, use 'VBR, 1 pass' with a target of 12 Mbps and a maximum of 15 Mbps.

Do I need fast internet to upload high-quality videos? Using fast Wi-Fi ensures a stable and speedy connection, which is vital to prevent upload interruptions and maintain the original quality of your video. It also helps in conserving data usage and avoiding compression issues that can arise with slower connections.

How do I enable high quality upload on Instagram / Tiktok? You can find the high-quality upload option in the settings of your social media platform. Typically, it's located under 'Data Usage'. Ensure that any 'Data Saver' option is disabled to allow for high-quality uploads.

How do I enable high quality upload on Instagram in 2024? Go to Instagram settings, tap 'Account', then 'Data Usage', and enable 'High-Quality Uploads'.

Why is my upload quality so bad on Instagram? Poor upload quality on Instagram is often due to a weak internet connection, compression by the app, or incorrect video settings.

What is the best quality upload size for Instagram 2024? For Instagram, the optimal upload size is 1080 pixels in width.

How do I upload TikTok videos without losing quality? Ensure 'High-Quality Uploads' is enabled in TikTok's settings and use our recommended Adobe Premiere video settings for export.

What is the best video resolution to upload on TikTok? The best resolution for TikTok videos is 1080x1920 pixels.

How to download TikToks in high quality? Use the TikTok app's built-in download feature or a third-party app designed for high-quality downloads.

Is it better to upload TikTok from PC or phone? Uploading from a phone is generally easier and maintains quality, but a PC can offer more control over video settings.

What is the best export setting in 2024 for Instagram reels? Use H.265 format with a frame rate of 30 fps and a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels for Instagram Reels.

What is the best video setting for Instagram 2024? For Instagram videos, use a resolution of 1080 pixels width, a frame rate of 30 fps, and the H.265 codec.

Should I export in 4K for Instagram in 2024? No, Instagram does not support 4K; 1080 pixels width is the recommended resolution.


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